Self and God

                Self and God

We have so much to learn and should not allow the rigors of gaining knowledge distract us from the process of reality.

I have found God, because I found my Self and because I found my true Self, HAVE found God.  Self is the object of its own reflective consciousness of one’s whole being in a personal spiritual identity and getting to know your Self is the beginning of wisdom and the understanding of life.

Sounds complicated but in delving into the Self, it becomes clear and not complex.

 God    IS   alive, God    IS     aware, God    IS     active and always present, 

Thanks be to God…………

Alone 2018-59

Alone 2018-59
So I started. What? Well, I began to think about what was going on around me, away from me, and, within me. What did I realize? I am basically alone, even if married to a wonderful person. I am still myself, even though I am near somebody; I am alone, even when (of course) I am not near anyone, and my Self is by itself within me.

What! How can this be? What does it mean? How will I accept this statement? Again, what does it mean?

I am an individual and nobody, no one, no anything can change that fact. We are ALL like islands in the ocean, separate, but part of the whole, way down below. Our base roots go further than what we see on the surface above. We are grounded as part of the big picture of life. We cannot change that; a fact..

We like to think that our existence is part of the larger in life, but we are still just, a separate organism or form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain vital processes. These have properties and functions determined, not only by the properties and relations of its individual parts, but by the character of the whole, that they compose and by the relations of the parts to the whole. Whew!!

We are NOT stuck to one another. We have separate ways of life, but still interact with others, to a degree. God gave us free will to do as we desire with our actions causing repercussions and consequences.

We have brains to think things out, to rationalize, to vocalize, to act out and, at the same time, NOT do any of those things. We have choices, we can make decisions, or we can vegetate and do nothing in a dull, inactive, idle, unchallenging way.

But in the end, we ARE alone. We have a final journey to make at some time, that will be, ours to own and it will be what we make it then, by what we do now in this lifetime. I do not KNOW what will be then, but I have some insight to a degree.

I remain, basically alone, but with people that love me and whom I love. These are my family, my friends, my neighbors, and, well, most people. They have their moments of aloneness, that they must cope with and I wish them well. I will survive, and I will do so, hopefully, to live again in an environment that will be something to experience beyond belief.

Peace be with you,

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Fire Storm of Thoughts 2018-45

Fire Storm of Thoughts    2018-45

 The inner soul that consoles, gives credence to the eternal

Spirit that resides in the mind of mine.

The holy timbre of the Godly presence speaks with

The knowledge of my thinking.

Thought overcomes spoken words that have no

Rational belief; instead have truths exposed

For myself to hear.

Honest and untethered beliefs are now

Open, as true and exact in my mind.

I am one with God; His presence is

Encompassing, welcoming, plus

Comforting to experience.

His love is overwhelming, enveloping me in a

Cocoon of feelings beyond description.

The Creator is one, one with me, one with all.

My Self, is now simple, not complex as things

Were, are now not.

Simplicity reigns, knowledge is gained,

And beliefs are confirmed again.

The inner sanctum of fears are released, and

Peace is the norm.  No longer do the

Howls of inner turmoil be held captive as the

Tinkling of quiet solutions is heard and enjoyed.

 The moment of realization that peace is

Apparent and is appreciated for what it is.

God has spoken, I have heard, seen and I know

What many do not realize, speak, admit, and believe.

God is ALIVE, He is ACTIVE, He is AWARE, He is PRESENT



Den Betts   

Rite of Passage 2017-49

Rite of Passage  2017-49

The change from one aspect of life to another, but it can take a meaning in so many ways of life. When the social standing is affected by the “Rite of Passage”, then we can look at the “Self” in a different way than before it happened.

We all have experienced this ritual of life that changed us so very much in the process. This can occur for others to see and experience with us or it can be of a secluded event for only ourselves to be affected and known.

For me, it is one, which I have been blessed or made more whole, but most definitely it changed me in many ways.

Years now since it began, the Rite slowly evolved, adapted, tweaked, and became what it is today.  A journey of life everlasting. One that is mine to own, accept, attest to, take credit for, in its endeavors.

I have become more introspective, much more caring toward others, less aggressive, having a feeling of humbleness, with less prejudice, and more contentment, and above all having love towards others, all others.

Again, I claim this “Rite of Passage” as my own, mine to ponder, enjoy and live to its fullest. 

I jump up and over from one stone to another in getting closer to God and Jesus Christ. I visit one room of life and continue to the next, opening and closing doors to experience the ramifications of what each has to offer and how I can become closer to the One I love.

There have been setbacks, two steps forward and one behind, but overall, it has been one of getting closer and closer to God in the process. The realization that it is about ME was inspirational when I finally realized it as such. It was, and is, not necessarily about me with others, even though others are part of the equation.

The journey was long in coming, and since it began, it has been more than interesting and wonderful,  and truly enlightening. My journey began March 3, 2010 and the “Rite of Passage” began at that time. Time does fly by for all of us, and it is hard to contemplate that it has taken me so long to realize the things I know now. 

Sometimes the ritual of life does have a long and tenuous experience of time, and I do not regret the time it took, or is taking, but instead relish existence of the Rite in all its glory and consequences.

 Life is good, God is Great, and life goes on.


Den Betts

Oh Hell, Oh Well 2017-45

Oh Hell, Oh Well 2017-45


“Oh Hell”, could be a standard expression for so many things.  What to say when things go wrong. How to cope with the unexpected. How to deal with life in general, I guess.

We, as humans, get involved with everything under the Sun, and then, must live with our actions, our mistakes, our foibles with others, and the untold realities of life.

The crappy, clutter of our brain synapses that signal the grey matter receptors, result in our thinking the way we do, and in some good and some bad ways, they make us what we are today.

When are we honest with ourselves? The Solitude of Self, implores us to try to do so, but, should I say IF, we are honest, we can see what we are when we do so. Too many of us are not, we hide, even to Self, what we feel, how we see in the mirror, what we want to see, not what is actually there, looking at us.

 At times, we cannot control this feeling of Self, but instead, make excuses for so many things we do. I think this is normal to a degree. If we are authentic to Self, we can do much for our way of living.

It is much too easy to deceive the Self and make up things to survive in life. BUT, consider the fact that we are not sharing with others, many times, what and how we feel. We are not exposing, to others, our deep inside emotions, and we CAN be honest with the one person that does not HAVE to judge us, our own Self, at least, most of the time.

Maybe this should be entitled Self instead of what it is at the top.  Anyway, we say “Oh Hell”, and go on with life the way we do.  I have a standard saying that does go beyond the “Oh Hell”, statement.  IT is , “Oh Well”.

What does Oh Well, do for me? Well, (play on word), for one thing, it gets me by the rigors of what is going on in any given moment. I can say these two words, and then, continue what I was doing at the time. “Oh Well”, says, to me, Hey, get over it, endure, bypass the moment, deal with it, and get past the hideous situation that created itself at the time.

Self-preservation rules!  Life continues in its own way, and I am surviving the terrible time I see myself in and I do NOT give in to the convolutions of the mind that is trying to overcome me.  Well it works most of the time, and when it doesn’t, I go to bed and take a nap or something. Ha!

Oh Hell, Oh Well; two phrases that are different, but are part of MY life. Perhaps, I will welcome you to use them or one of them and I gladly share the “Oh Well” with you at this time.


Den Betts

Self 2017-09

                                                                                Self  2017-09

To experience a life of living for Christ, involves letting go of being self-centering and our own self-will. Pray to be forgiven for being centered on our own spectacles of life, with our made up calamities. This is NOT easy to do for many today, as life gets in the way, at times. It is easy to criticize, but much harder to accept. BUT, if we can accept, we are closer to understanding our Self. With the then understanding, we can reach out and beyond where we are when we started our journey of awareness.  The Self is not going anywhere and we CAN change to become one with God, the living Christ that is with us always………………

Den Betts    

Silent Song 2016-66

My life has changed, no longer what it was, but now is… What occurred in the past is gone, only to be remembered. Episodes of life to be thought of with joy and some with negative connotations.  I am still me, but in a different way. This is not uncommon, but the realization of Self as it is, is unique to me, and very interesting.  I wrote the below, to express the rambling internal thinking of my life, not to be understood by others, but to reinforce my own understanding of my existence………………


                                               Silent Song 2016-66 

                                    Mindless melodies contorted with rhyme, 

                                    Playing parodies in the present time 

                                    Lingering lyrics float in the air, 

                                    Stating sentences of a care, a dare 

                                    Fractural fibers leap in sine 

                                    Creating chaos in the mind of mine 

                                    Wandering wisps of static substance 

                                    Forever lost, but not forgotten

                                   Dennis Betts


Constipated Mind 2016-47

I remember one time when I wanted to express myself, but was unable to do so. Talk about frustration! We all take for granted the simple actions of life. Our senses, our motor skills, our ability to do and think. When those are taken away, OUCH! We then become something else, a different entity of life……………..

Constipated Mind  2016-47

The want, the need, the desire,

To express, to let loose a thought

And do something so much, so much


The inability to expound on the

Things you desire to state, to

Incorporate in the flux of it all.


An urge to go with the flow, the

Norm of things, but knowing of

The incapability of doing so.


The mind having the motive, but

Not the competency of taking action; still

Wanting, needing, desiring fulfillment.



The “control center” of the Self

That sometimes is not in control,

That struggles for release, for abilities to be free



Den Betts


Who Am I and Who Are You? 2016-33

The following is a question, I ask of me, but perhaps thee should also ask of thyself. Once more, who am I, but also who are you in reality? We think we know ourselves as being who and what we are as we exist, once more, as we are, but I continue to ask……………………


          Who Am I and Who Are You?  2016-33

A question asked with an answer hopefully given, but sometimes NOT!!!

I look into a mirror and what or who do I see? The person looking back is me, or is it another person other than I, the real me?

Am I the person I think I am or another person other than what I think? I want me to be me, the way I am or what I want to be, but am I?

My ego kicks in and states to me, I really am who I think I am, but then, my alter ego comes out and contradicts my Self, and says NOT SO, NOT SO!!!!!!

Are we all deceived and in reality just going through life in a melancholy way? Or can we, be honest with ourselves and admit we are not so sure?

Questions upon questions get in the way of coming to terms with life’s fact check of who and how we actually are to each other, and to our own selves!

Dang!!! I wish I did not ask the question! Now, I have to contemplate my existence in living with myself in a different way. What about you, too?

Den Betts


Search of Self 2015-92

Wait a moment, and read, then think about what is written. Does this make sense to you? Can you relate to these words being written? When I wrote this, it was a period of time where I was reflecting on my life in many ways. And now, I can see myself contemplating my existence in a different way, based on knowledge today.

It IS really OK, if you do not understand these words of mine, for at the time, they were written about the self of then, and not of now. The neat thing is that I know what they mean and how the words relate to my existence.

Search of Self  2015-92

A quest; a way of identifying the

whole of man in an individual way.

The time when one reaches into the

mind, to the very essence of soul

to arrive at the meaning of life’s

past accomplishments and future



A time of joy, or perhaps of sorrow,

in reflections of history and

the realization of goals made

and also of unfulfilled dreams.


A period of contemplation of an

adjustment to the future, of a

redirection of pathways to be

traveled – based on knowledge today.

Den Betts