Joys of Pain 2016-29

How can pain be enjoyable; that is the question. Well, I read a book one time ( it was probably a military one) and the man said “Pain lets you know you are alive.”, which was sorta dumb, but maybe true….. I am sure there are many other ways on finding out you are alive, but it sounded neat at the time. I wrote this in a somewhat different perspective and here it is for your perusal….

Joys of Pain 2016-29

Pain is not a joy of life

but instead a joy of knowing


Knowing where the hurt

is located and finding it


Realizing where the

mind needs fulfilling


Seeing where the spot

needs fixed or repaired


Feeling where the heart

needs comfort with care


But most of all, the joy of pain

Really does let us know we are living.

Den Betts