Coffee House Reflections 2016-20

A long ago visit with my son, (OK, 10 plus years, at least)  to a Cleveland Hts., Oh, coffee house and this made me think the below thoughts of the visit. This was actually before Starbucks was the norm. That statement dates me, but it was a different experience then, but one I cherish as being with and part of my son’s life then.

 Coffee House Reflections  2016-20

A melting pot of God’s creations

as Army green jacketed youth

rub elbows with English tweeded

professors at worn tables.


“I’ll walk a mile for a camel” or similar,

mingled with McBarrons Golden

Extra”, drifting upwards in an

aromatic misty cloud.


A corner with an old“Playboy” competes

with a “Wall Street Journal” as

a free “Arts and Entertainment”

struggle for survival.


Mocha Café topped with frosty

white, enticing those waiting

for a seat; a smell then taste

of salivating glory.


Politics and sports talk abound

mixed with one man’s answer to the

worlds problems with a woman’s

rebuttal in the fray.


A conservative Van Dyke peeks

over a crossword puzzle,

listening to a boisterous

pony tailed with diamond in ear.


Studs strut and belles preen

as a well-dressed lad studies

a cranberry tea, looking at a

whirlwind of his inner life.


Discussions, arguments and

such, agreements then palliation

with an orgasmic understanding

and comprehension of selves.


A melding of minds, races, ages

and dress, combining to form

a clutch of coffee

drunkards; living life.


Den Betts