Let George Do It 2016-24

                                     Let George Do It    2016-24


Involvement is a tiring thing

for the body and mind combined; as

making a stance, a decision to act

creates turmoil beyond the normal kind.


When a chore or deed has to be done

it’s sometimes hard to stay, much

easier to walk away, but at times hard to

look at self, knowing you could have helped.


Unless, of course, you have, old George

to fight the battles and do the chores,

the deeds are done, your hands are clean,

but look again, really are they?


To be just a receiver and not a doer

is not a proud thing to stand on, but

consciousness is not measured on a scale;

only in the mind of self, one on one.


George is a tired person doing everything

he needs help in the mundane tasks,

be glad your name is not George,

but if so, its sad; too bad…..


Den Betts

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