Changing Ways 2016-22

When we exist in the way we have been and do not try to change, it tells us something. For instance, if we were an unbeliever in God and became a believer we could be seen as making a positive change —perhaps. If we are the opposite in nature and become an unbeliever, then some would say we are making a negative change. Just a thought…. I still maintain that making ANY change can be life changing itself and it is up to us, individually, to decide if it is good or bad..


Changing Ways 2016-22

I have been the way I am for so long now,

Is it possible to change the way I act?


We all have life’s experiences in our head

Running in our mind like an old VCR.


Cutting the tape to insert a new way,

Is difficult to contemplate.


A new way of doing things, so much different,

When being used to repetition and habit.


Teaching an old dog new tricks is easier,

He doesn’t have a mind with great thought.


Saying “No” or agreeing with “Yes” to new ways,

Is something to get used to I’m sure.


Accepting the changes is the challenge,

And I’m not used to saying “I can’t”…..

Den Betts