Thoughts of Today’s Life 2016-52

Thoughts of Today’s Life 2016-52

The world will survive even though the occupants may not. We are our worst enemies. We, as a whole, treat others like Aliens and not brothers and sisters in life. We have leaders that somehow got in or do get in, and control plus do things that are contrary to common sense and decency. Minions support them and benefit from the leaders handouts and they, in turn, give platitudes to the leaders to curry favor. Instead of working together for a common goal, individual objectives are sought instead of the “good for all”.

To think of others rather than selves is, at times, a negative thought process and frowned upon or considered too liberal. Who are conservatives and who are these liberals that make up the masses? What is WRONG with being either if we work together as a combined group for a common objective to make things better?  When did it really start to be “Them against us” or “Our way or no way” type attitudes that appear to be prevalent? Why is name calling, in a horrible way, an acceptable thing to hear from our leaders? When did compromise become an archaic way of life experience?

We, the people, deserve what we get because we allow these things to occur. We cannot blame “them” for the actions of today, but instead could fault ourselves for not doing the right things or doing nothing instead. We accept things because we are only one person of ourselves, instead of collectively doing or saying what has to be brought forth for all to know.

Our complacency allows incompetency to occur; then we look around for the culprit that is really the one looking back at us in the mirror. We want “George to do it” and he is damned tired and thinks we ALL should do the things that need to be done or said.

The anti-establishment crowd is looking for a savior to make changes that we must collectively work to have done and not expect a miracle from speakeasy type people or old school politicians that promise the same old, same old rhetoric.

Den Betts

Let George Do It 2016-24

                                     Let George Do It    2016-24


Involvement is a tiring thing

for the body and mind combined; as

making a stance, a decision to act

creates turmoil beyond the normal kind.


When a chore or deed has to be done

it’s sometimes hard to stay, much

easier to walk away, but at times hard to

look at self, knowing you could have helped.


Unless, of course, you have, old George

to fight the battles and do the chores,

the deeds are done, your hands are clean,

but look again, really are they?


To be just a receiver and not a doer

is not a proud thing to stand on, but

consciousness is not measured on a scale;

only in the mind of self, one on one.


George is a tired person doing everything

he needs help in the mundane tasks,

be glad your name is not George,

but if so, its sad; too bad…..


Den Betts