Brussels attack 2016-26

Brussels attack 2016-26

The Brussels attack by ISIS or any other Muslim terrorist group is horrible, for sure. People died that were innocent in life and those that did this act are criminals of mankind. When they yell out or think “Allah is Great“ I would agree, “God is Great” but they are not doing anything God is proud of or agrees with their doing.

The biggest problem in fighting the terrorists that proclaim their faith is the “ONLY ONE” is not in the soldier doing the act, but the leadership of the Muslim faith that preaches false or archaic teachings of Mohammad. They are the supreme guilty ones, the handlers behind the scenes, the ones that do not get their hands dirty, but dirty the minds of those that do the evil acts.

This goes from the Iman in a Mosque, to the supreme top Shia mujtahid, the Grand Aayatollah in Iran, as an example.  These religious leaders teach discord and create the feeling that permeates in the world today of hatred, and despair. They have the responsibility for the horrors of the terrorists that they applaud and encourage.

I do NOT know how to address this problem. I still think though, that the Muslims, themselves, have to police their own religious people and that is a HARD thing to do. The reformers of the Muslim religious are in the minority and do not have a say in the daily life, with places like Iran for instance. The hardliners are in control and do NOT want to relinquish any power to people with rational thoughts. Too bad!!!

I pray for those in Belgium, like I did for the people in Paris who have to life with the constant threat of humans that are horrible animals of society, such as those that belong to ISIS. It goes beyond Islam and is a cultural thing in many cases. Nuff for now……………

Den Betts