Communicating 2016-25

Communicating 2016-25

This is a much discussed subject at times. Either we do or we do NOT communicate with each other at times. My friend Dan Webster, states that communication is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing or signs.

Of course the method of HOW we communicate is also part of the equation of communicating. We do so by using the telephone, radio, TV or even the archaic way of using the telegraph. Add to that the personal computer or call it the “smart phone” as a separate and new way, plus any other means of sending ideas, orders, etc. of an everyday life of existence.

There is a whole bunch of info on this word and I would hope you would research more by going places (like Wikipedia) that will bore you to death (like this blog??) about the subject. My intent is not to do so, but it might happen.

I want to key in on one facet of communication. The act of doing so with those we know, such as family members, those at work and especially those we live with daily.

It is SO important to interact with those we know on a regular basis. It is MORE important that we do so in a civil way and not in a way of animosity or anger that is a destroying way of expression. It is important for family members to understand communication as a trusted way which leads to a well-constructed family; simple as that or not as simple in reality.

I remember someone that HATED the word communication. I know now that I was breaking one of the rules of communication and was actually “preaching” instead of communicating. No wonder that person was so upset, nobody likes to be preached to instead of just talking to in a constructive manner.

There are so many other rules we must consider when communicating to someone. Watching out for ambiguity of words or phrases is one. Another is physical location where there is distance as something to consider. Strange or difficult words or understanding linguistic abilities is something we have to throw into the equation of talking to someone. The barriers of physiological means such as hearing loss or other disabilities are also a factor. A big one is the cultural differences of people from different parts of the country, dialects, etc. is something that has to be taken into account.

You get the idea. There are many barriers to understanding that lead to the failure to communicate to each other in a normal way. Where I try to say something and am not understood, I am partly to blame at times and for this I am sorry.  It is also a two way street and the other person could try to meet me part way to communicating in a civil, normal, understanding way to make our talk, one of understanding each other; even if we do NOT agree with what we are saying at the time. This is something to consider when discussing politics —- keep the anger out if you can………

Den Betts