Knight Slayed 2016-28

Where did this come from; don’t know. But do realize that the hero does not ALWAYS win in life. That is the way of life itself. When we wish upon a star for those things from afar, sometimes our wishes are not met.  Yet on the other hand when we do pray for something, sometimes our prayers are answered, but not at times, the way that we want them to be.

Knight Slayed 2016-28

Upon the mighty steed he went

looking forward, toward the fight.

Dressed in shining white he traveled,

to hunt, to make the dragon bleed.

With good intentions and mind naïve

a promise to save mankind, at least.

The people cheered and rallied him on,

to stay the course toward the beast.


He told them all he would not fail,

or fall from favor to them all.

His goal was honorable, or so it seemed,

the mission not quite the Holy Grail.

Truth shall win he yelled, so let us begin,

as he charged toward the fray.

A moments respite then the battle was begun,

no fun, but fair, he thought he knew.

A parry here, a jab there, a start;

a two way beginning of a witches brew.

No magic Merlin to help his cause,

only him to combat the brute.


In a second of time, an infinity to some,

the knight lay withered on the ground.

The dragon reared upon his legs, looked down,

and sneered at the puny form of man.

“How dare you fight the master of life,

the system always wins.”

Den Betts

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