ISIS AND Others that Hate the World 2016-08

ISIS AND Others that Hate the World 2016-08

I do know any ISIS fighters “over there” in the areas racked by turmoil, killings, and such. I do not know the why, the reasons, of their hatred of the world’s populace and the rationale of their thinking. Nor do I understand the reasons for those in control in the Middle East that support terrorism.

I have feelings though. I have thoughts that they, whoever they are, do hate others for some reasons. I do not think it is actually a religious reason, and there has to be a cause that makes more sense. To follow a god and do the things they do is not normal. It is contrary to what a god would want to be done. If they are following a god it is NOT my God.  Of course, I also believe there is only ONE God, so in my mind it is an invalid reasoning…..

What I do know is that ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS for short. It is a spinoff from the terrorist group Al-Qaeda and is also known as ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is an area of the eastern Mediterranean. It gets a little confusing from this point and I do not want to dwell on the particulars. There are many people with Arabic sounding names and like many groups the founders of the various groups come from different backgrounds and mergers.

Many Muslim leaders have denounced and condemned this ISIS group and their ideology and actions and state they, ISIS,  has strayed from the path of true Islam; nor do they reflect the religion’s true teachings or virtues that it has in place. The group has named a Caliph or religious leader that claims religious, political and military authority over ALL Muslims worldwide.  This was self-imposed and not recognized by many or most  Muslim leaders of the world.

ISIS is a Wahhabi/Sunni religious group that also hates other Muslim groups such as the Shiite Muslims, which is a belief that goes back to the time right after their founder Mohammad died. To study Islam and its history is interesting but still a hard read.  There is much that has happened to bring the religion to where it is today. The ancient beliefs of their founder, Mohammad were what they were due to the time period and those beliefs are archaic. Just like the Bible stories of before Jesus where the God of then is not the God of now. Did God change and does He think different now than before?

The religious leader of Iran, called the Supreme Leader, named Ali Khamenei, is someone who I do NOT respect or like. He is a dictatorial leader, who controls many of those that adhere to his way of beliefs. He and the IRGC or Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps have somewhat total control of the Iranian country. The IRGC has large business interests and are somewhat also controlling large parts of their economy. Imam Khamenei’s control of the business empire in Iran, has over 95 BILLION in assets and between the two, are able to pay for many of their dangerous terrorist activities.

Our President Obama with Secretary of State Kerry’s work has given whole hearted support to the continuation of what I call evil things they do, namely the so called Nuclear Treaty. WHY!!!?????? To appease those that hate you is really stupid and we the people are more stupid for allowing them to do it. The Iranians got a Treaty and time will tell as to how they adhere to it regulations.

If and a big IF, Iran comes out with a nuclear weapon eventually, we can only blame ourselves for anything horrible or bad that occurs, or the hold they will have on the world at that time. I shudder to think of how things will be if this happens.

What CAN we as a country do? I have copied an excerpt from a Congressional Testimony by a Mr. Mark Dubowitz regarding “Iran Financing and the Tax Code below:

  1. Designate the IRGC for terrorism;
  2. Designate additional IRGC entities and individuals and foreign companies that do business with the IRGC;
  3. Sanction the Supreme Leader’s financial empire for its use of funds from corruption to support terrorism;
  4. Prevent tax breaks for companies doing business in Iran;
  5. Prevent the re-opening of the U.S. parent-foreign subsidiary loophole;
  6. Develop a rehabilitation program for designated Iranian banks that relies on a change in illicit financial conduct. I left one item out due to not understanding it.

These are NOT the only recourse to combat terrorism, but it is a start. We need to do something other than carpet bomb the hell out of Syria, and other areas of the Mideast.

The recent terrorist killings in Paris, the bomb put in the Russian airplane and other atrocities do not give me or anyone much hope of a near peaceful world to be. The group, named ISIS, is beyond being a terrorist religious group, and is now a horror group that has no normalcy in the world today. Innocent people are being affected daily because of their actions.

These include many in the area of Syria, Iran, Iraq and other areas with Muslim people living with this horror. Some of our leadership wantabe’s, in the U.S. have resorted to suggesting things that sound like the Hitler days of the 1930’s, which is stupid in my mind.  I also think, President Obama is not very effective as a leader today and as an outgoing President he is not making leadership decisions that are rationale.

We live in a world today that is interesting. The ISIS followers are making it more so, and in ways that may just have far reaching results.

I pray to God, the only God of the Universe, that we survive this.

Den Betts

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