Girl and Child 2016-09

I came up with this after watching an article on TV that described how mothers with addiction have babies that are born addicted to the drugs their mother was using. It was horrible to watch as the child lay there wracked with spasms. Other people were also shown and, they too had problems that affected them.

What will it actually take to eradicate the use of drugs, or the NEED of using drugs? A “war on drugs” failed when it was playing out.  Drug usage and crimes that involve those using drugs is rampant and part of life today. So sad!!!


Girl and Child 2016-09

Her mother was a prostitute also,

The father an unknown man,

       The pain was more than discomfort

        The itching almost insane.


She had no skills to offer except herself,

Quitting school early, she could not read.

       His lungs cried out in agony,

        The breath in and out, dry and parched.


The hope she had as a little girl,

Was lost in reality at thirteen.

         The twitching of the body increasing,

          But his mind had no control.


A number amongst a pile of statistics,

Stacked on a desk of a human service worker.

         Life tubes, wires, monitors and tape,

          Telling the caregiver of continued life.


What chance or choice does she really have,

With the uncaring majority of others?

               The “crack baby” struggles for living,

               An addict with a bleak dim future.

The mother, the son, both victims,

Of the way of life in this modern world.


Den Betts