Insane World 2016-02

The horrible things that are happening here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world by people doing crazy things, for whatever reasons, brought me to the point of asking a child’s question of WHY!!!!


Insane World 2016-02

What is the reason for the insanity today,

the genocide of people

against their own?


Does it go back to a clannish or tribal

day of time and life

The mystic mood, decreeing

action, distant drum telling

the way, but not the why.


More than macho, more than religion

more than a full moon, it has to be!

Why  is for children to ask, in their

innocence of life.


Nations, cities, groups, and

such, all bent on self-destruction

of one another to each other

A pity, a waste, a total

Inexcusable happening, but

is life, as we know it.


I ask WHY, like an innocent child

of the world? Can you

help me with an answer

that makes sense?

Den Betts