Interview with God 2016-01

OK, I did NOT talk with God and get the results shown below! That being said, I have talked with God and our discussion will remain mine; for me to know, and for you, to sometime, find out. I had the below words come to mind, probably after seeing or hearing something that upset me in life, on TV, in person or when or whatever, so I am not that weird, just a little………..

Interview with God 2016-01

I asked Him, “What is life all about?”

He told me all that I had to know.

I talked about the world and its problems today,

He listened and didn’t respond right away.


I told him I wanted to know what I could do in giving

He stated “ I should follow the way!”

I inquired as to what the way really is

He answered with a parable of life and living.


I heard and grew afraid of what I heard,

He softly talked and I started to feel good, but then

I asked about his grand plan regarding Earth,

He spoke and said, “I had one, but it’s not working!”

Den Betts

6 thoughts on “Interview with God 2016-01

  1. …Thank you…..Dear Friend, very inspiring, and  yet, really makes you think, how we have “sadden him so”— Love Linda xxxooo


  2. Grace, grace, grace——we are so blest, because every one of us daily screws up—-more ways than one—and yet God continues to love us——just as he does for all the rest of mankind. Truly an awesome God!!!!!!!!!!!


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