Killing Desire 2018-91

A Killing Desire   2018-91                                                               Posted on FB 11-8-18

Cigarettes average $6.00 a pack nationwide, which makes it about $2200.00 a year habit, at a pack a day, which is an expensive habit.

A post on TV today, said that 1200 people die per DAY from smoking or complications from doing so, and that makes it over 400 thousand a year dying from cigarettes.

Again, those are expensive costs to a habit that is self-inflicted. What could a person do with the money saved by not buying cancer sticks, and instead using that money in a different way?

How many loved ones are left behind, due to a selfish desire of satisfaction, but one that kills eventually or disables in a way that is horrible?

So SAD, like many other things in life!

Den Betts

Hunter 2018-21

I would think that if you have ever hunted, you are still a hunter to a degree. This would be the same as, if once a Marine, always a Marine type analogy.   I did hunt, I dressed and ate what I hunted and killed. I do NOT do so now, but time and age changes many of us. I wrote this when I was an active hunter, living on farmland in Chardon, Oh, area. I was an NRA member, and appreciated this group at the time, but since then, have gotten away from this now political group.

Hunter 2018-21

An honorable sport and
as a meat eater a satisfying one
that goes beyond the kill

The essence of hunting is not in the kill,
but the scouting, stalking, setup, stealthiest,
and mechanics of doing everything correctly

It is the aiming, the controlled breathing, the
the hold of the weapon, and squeeze of the trigger
that is part of the sport of hunting

It is not the actual kill of the game that can
be eaten and enjoyed like those meat eaters that
go to fast food places and eat the meat killed by others

I respect the animals I kill and try hard
to do so with accurate and humane shots
that lessen any suffering by the killed game

When I eat those animals, I commune with nature
as fulfilling an experience that goes back
to primeval times of my forefathers

I am a hunter, not a wanton killer of wildlife, and feel that
what I do is indeed honorable, and I am indeed part of wildlife
management of harvesting nature’s bounty

I respect those that feel different, for whatever reasons,
but also think that what I believe should be also
respected, if not agreed with by others

I am good at what I do in the wildness of the land
for I have the experience, the know-how of doing
that, which I am — I am a Hunter

Den Betts

Guns 2016-03

I watched TV today, and listened to the President who, with tears running down his cheek, spoke about what he will do to help, in a small way, to lessen the killings that occur in our country today.          His plan will NOT stop the insane killings, but may help to save lives, in a way. The politicians who decry his efforts are owned by those that are against any common sense answer, and that is more than a shame.

          Guns 2016-03

How many times must we hear the words,

“Its not guns that kill, killers kill!”

How many times on the TV news,

Must we see the tears on a mothers cheek.

A child gunned down on a residential street,

Or a massacre in a family restaurant.

Do the lawmakers need additional vile lessons,

Of man’s inhumanity toward each other?

Or do the PAC’s or the NRA or others,

Control them that much, to stay in office.

The killing semi-automatics are not needed

By any populace of this country today.

While the gun powers outgun the police,

As the apathetic  citizens read or watch.

“Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns”

Is hype that is compared to only one thing, bull

“A rigid enforced law that guarantees prison, forever,

With no parole, if a weapon is used, might work.

But a bleeding heart society might feel sorry for him,

And his “time” will be lessened for more killing.

What is the answer; whatever it may be

Is much better than the way it is today.

Den Betts

In the Name of God 2015-29

I post this with the knowledge of the atrocities an killings done in the Middle East and what was also done on 911. When, just when, will we wake up and see  that the actions done are beyond primitive in nature. When will those that fight and kill stop doing so especially in the name of God. Maybe never! This would be a companion poem to the Radical Islamist Thoughts blog.

In the Name of God    2015-29

Conflict reigns with fevered pitch,

As opposing sides find their fiery niche.

Jews and Arabs continue to die- – –

Religious differences – A reason why?


Protestants and Catholic fought in Belfast,

Makes one wonder, how long peace will last.

How many times will this fighting go on,

From night until night and the next dawn.


A heathen Indian who prayed to the sun,

Decimated by the white man with his Christian gun.

A nigger slave (words used then) who tried to be brave,

Shot by an owner and sent to the grave.


History abounds with stories of grief,

Of sons and daughters dying for a belief,

Does the Deity prayed to in all this strife,

Really want these deaths by the gun and knife?


Does He condone this wanton killing,

By all the people that do so – so willing..

Or is it true that its NOT – in the name of God,

And should be stopped, FOR GOD’s SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Den Betts