Grateful 2016-04

How many things can you think of in the sense of being grateful for having them or experiencing them? How many things do we take for granted and should not have done so? Being grateful is, to a degree, being thankful also, at the same time. To live life at its fullest, and appreciate it at the same time can be hard to express, but I look in the mirror and I am Grateful for so many, many, many things…………

Grateful  2016-04

To be able to smell the flowers

see the trees, watch the birds fly,

and hear the honey bees buzz by

To attain the age of seventy, whereas

others dear have not; still be able

to walk and not have gone to pot

To have gone white water rafting

seen the Mammoth Cave, have fun at

Disneyworld and go to the Grand Canyon

and just stand and rave

To be called an ex-jarhead vet

and to have been an auxi-cop too,

and President of ASHRAE, plus have

sat on church council as President too,

plus have owned a thing called a ferret as a pet

To believe in  the God. as one to follow

and a family I’m proud of – a gem;

To be grateful for the things I have

and thankful that I have them.

Den Betts