Travelers Wish 2018-41

Looking at this one that I wrote, I can see it is many things.  It is a wish, a prayer, a hope, and is many things that I have for those of other color, faith, roots, locales and such. Like a man of over a decade ago, where he was abused by those in authority, Rodney King said, “Why can’t we all get along”, or something like that at the time.   Too easy to be said, too hard to put into practice in this divided world we live in now.  Sad!!!!


Travelers Wish    2018-41


If, per chance, our paths may cross,

Our shadows inner mingle, on a summer day

May we both prosper, benefit,

And be truly enlightened by the experience.

And, may we both realize,

That regardless of the hue of external cover,

Spiritual convictions, tribal clan origins,

When we part, may we do so as friends,

Traveling onward, but also leaving in our wake

A part of ourselves behind,

In a kind remembrance to each other.

Den Betts



Earth Brother-Sister 2016-05

I think of all the conflict, hatred, bad blood, and religious turmoil on Earth that we see on the news regularly. Do not people of all faiths, heritage, race and ethnicity realize that we are ALL brothers on this planet? We do not HAVE to exist in perfect harmony, but there is NO reason for the horrible relationships that occur on a daily basis.

I don’t care what God, or even if people believe in God, but, common sense should rule. Each of us has to share what we have and exist together, in a better way than what we do. The God I believe in said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34). And that should NOT be that difficult. It takes an effort, leadership, desire, etc., but it should NOT be that hard of a thing to do.


Earth Brother-Sister   2016-05


Be my brother/sister


ye of another race


Hold my hand


as we both say grace.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another faith


Let us both believe and live


in eternity, when we leave.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another heritage,


Down  through time


may be greet as friends.


Be my brother/sister,


ye of this planet Earth


Not of blood,


but one of worth.


Den Betts

Blackicide 2015-144

“I wrote this a while ago and it still applies today to a degree.  If not “as much” in the U.S. it is, at least, more so across the world in the land of clannish fighting such as in Sudan at Darfur, in Africa, where some tribes eradicate each other for whatever reason.


Perhaps it is due to many reasons that the killings occur.

In the U.S. it could be poverty, unemployment, social injustices, or other such things,  that causes the discord enough for one race to go against itself. I am not smart enough and doubt if others can really pinpoint the exact reason for this killing of selves”


I hear the “today” phrase in the U.S.,, “Black Lives Matter” and could not agree more, but in actuality, “All Lives Matter” is a better refrain………… I apologize to those of color that this may offend, but it is what I believe…….

Blackicide  2015-144

An eradication of an ebony race,

so many times, by the race itself.

What pride in life or in blackness is there,

when — there exists a killing action with lame excuses.


The  “colors” and “turf” and/or no reason at all

perhaps a tribal instinct of needs and beliefs.

Is the reason poverty and ignorance or genetics

or maybe the mindset of customs not understood.


A “drive by” shooting for no reason at all,

Leaving death behind as a reminder of being.

Also,  giving grief to the mother of the child killed,

A remembrance to keep in the heart forever.


The creation of death, the dark side of horror,

of man against man, affecting all genders and ages.

Do hormonal, “triggers” create the beast, or is it just

the lack of conscience without a care of consequence.


Aggressive acts of violence, an obsession to some,

to many times, a rage without reason, towards selves.

Beating disease, famine, and pestilence, the grim-reaper

reigns supreme for a race self-claimed as a proud one.


Where for,  is the pride in the blackicide?


Den Betts

I have tried to find the word “Blackacide” somewhere on the Internet, but only found one reference, by a black lady named Stella Foster, on her blog “Stella in the City”  at WordPress.. I do know that the term would be proper for the killings that occur on a regular basis by those of the same race, that happen to be black. When a white kills another white it is NOT called “Whiteacide” but instead the term homicide is used by the legal people for ALL killings of another human, including blacks against blacks