Interview with God 2016-01

OK, I did NOT talk with God and get the results shown below! That being said, I have talked with God and our discussion will remain mine; for me to know, and for you, to sometime, find out. I had the below words come to mind, probably after seeing or hearing something that upset me in life, on TV, in person or when or whatever, so I am not that weird, just a little………..

Interview with God 2016-01

I asked Him, “What is life all about?”

He told me all that I had to know.

I talked about the world and its problems today,

He listened and didn’t respond right away.


I told him I wanted to know what I could do in giving

He stated “ I should follow the way!”

I inquired as to what the way really is

He answered with a parable of life and living.


I heard and grew afraid of what I heard,

He softly talked and I started to feel good, but then

I asked about his grand plan regarding Earth,

He spoke and said, “I had one, but it’s not working!”

Den Betts