Constipated Mind 2016-47

I remember one time when I wanted to express myself, but was unable to do so. Talk about frustration! We all take for granted the simple actions of life. Our senses, our motor skills, our ability to do and think. When those are taken away, OUCH! We then become something else, a different entity of life……………..

Constipated Mind  2016-47

The want, the need, the desire,

To express, to let loose a thought

And do something so much, so much


The inability to expound on the

Things you desire to state, to

Incorporate in the flux of it all.


An urge to go with the flow, the

Norm of things, but knowing of

The incapability of doing so.


The mind having the motive, but

Not the competency of taking action; still

Wanting, needing, desiring fulfillment.



The “control center” of the Self

That sometimes is not in control,

That struggles for release, for abilities to be free



Den Betts


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