Completeness 2018-89

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing and if it is correct and worthwhile, and then I take time to think that, at that moment, I am complete in my thoughts and therefore am on the right track of life.


Completeness   2018-89


Completeness, emulating from within

Realized by and from the solitude of thought

A self-assurance of the whole

Mind and body melded into one lot.


Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality

Knowing things are because— just because!

No self-doubt or second thoughts of surreally

Instead an euphoria of positive alpha waves


At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last,

The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses

All known, acknowledged, confronted head on

Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness


A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life

Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

The thought process known, or not comprehended

Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!!

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Infernal Internal 2018-87

They say the brain is a magnificent organ, capable of doing so much, and I agree. It is extraordinary in its capabilities and what it does as part of the mind of man.

Infernal Internal    2018-87


Likened to a line of super Cray’s

in parallel for a mile

A microprocessor of renown

with extraordinary know how


The capability of doing much

in unknown ways and time

Its limits of intellect

not found; stay sublime


What key, what shibboleth

is required, for the one outside,

to release the master of within

and show itself with pride


To give full gifted power

and management of life

and dominate the existence

of man’s everyday strife?

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Silent Song 2018-25

Whoa! This is something I wrote when, again, my mind was floating in a different zone of life. I understand it, hope you do, or if not, pretend you do.  Perhaps someone who knows me could look at this and say, “Ha, thought so; he is weird!” And, as the saying goes, “It takes one to know one”, or words like that. Oh yeh, I was NOT drunk or drinking when I wrote this; Ha!!!!

Silent Song      2018-25


Mindless melodies contorted with rhyme,

Playing parodies in the present time

Lingering lyrics float in the air,

Stating sentences of a care, a dare

Fractural fibers leap in sine

Creating chaos in the mind of mine

Wandering wisps of static substance

Forever lost, but not forgotten.

Den Betts          

Lost in Space 2018-17

When the mind is affected, and the thought processes are involved, we comprehend things in a different way than normal.  That is to be expected, but to experience it is somewhat of a different thing.  Actually, it is interesting to go through this, because, in some ways I was changed, I was different, and with this change I have a perspective in life that is, to me, unique and mine to own.

Lost in Space 2018-17

I look, but do not see

Try to listen, but do not hear

To speak, but cannot talk


I am alone with my senses

My mind overflowing

With random thoughts


The world spins so fast

Leaving me in a

Whirlwind of wonder


How does one follow

Is so common place.

We are, because we are……


Den Betts


Constipated Mind 2016-47

I remember one time when I wanted to express myself, but was unable to do so. Talk about frustration! We all take for granted the simple actions of life. Our senses, our motor skills, our ability to do and think. When those are taken away, OUCH! We then become something else, a different entity of life……………..

Constipated Mind  2016-47

The want, the need, the desire,

To express, to let loose a thought

And do something so much, so much


The inability to expound on the

Things you desire to state, to

Incorporate in the flux of it all.


An urge to go with the flow, the

Norm of things, but knowing of

The incapability of doing so.


The mind having the motive, but

Not the competency of taking action; still

Wanting, needing, desiring fulfillment.



The “control center” of the Self

That sometimes is not in control,

That struggles for release, for abilities to be free



Den Betts


Heinous Disease 2015-05

This poem is about Alzheimer’s disease or (AD), and was composed in remembrance of my business partner’s wife, Mary, and in memory of my father who came down with this disease. I have found that this disease has more than one victim, the one with the disease and the caregivers that deal with it also. It is indeed a heinous disease, like many others.

Heinous Disease   2015-05 

A heinous disease that slowly arrives,

One you can’t see, but know is there

That brings tears to your eyes.

How cruel, how cruel, when the mind

Starts to go, when others can see

You are not quite in the know.

When you stare into space with a

Far off look, a remembering of the past.

The shock of horror on your face,

Not knowing who, what or the current place.

The unnatural acts done with no malice,

Not knowing why, just done; how cruel.

Those taking care of you, trying to understand,

Loving, but thinking – why, why, OH why?!

The mind, such a fragile thing – subject to hurt, to

This disease, to the whims of nature so.