Message Nov 2014-37

Message Nov  2014-37

I was meeting with our Spiritual Director at church recently and we talked about various subjects that would be normally discussed at such a meeting.  We tried to keep the talk on focus and did somewhat of a decent job of it.

I then stopped and asked him two questions which I would like to share with you.  Why I asked him these questions, I do not really know, but I did. It was a two-part type question.

I asked, “Let me ask you this, in this way. First,  “Who am I” and then “What am I”  and how would you respond to such a question.” ? Of course he knows who I am as being myself, but I was not asking for the easy answer, but who promised easy?  I wanted him to tie who with what at the same time.

The Director gave it much thought before answering, which I appreciated.  Now, I could tell you what he said, but that would be personal.  It DID make him think and led into a continued discussion at the time.  It was neat. I also found a lot out about myself at that time and it was a benefit to have the talk.  I then realized what a positive factor we have at church to have someone like him available.

I just shared an episode in life with you, but would like to go a step further, if I may. He later followed up with something I will share with you in another blog. I  have it in the form of a PDF file, so will format it and post it under Messages at a later time. It is titled “The Call of Jesus To You”, so look forward to it.

Being honest and truthful is not easy. I just read a blog from someone else who left the Christian faith and while that person may have tried to be honest, the blot sounded false to me. It rang of resentment from something that happened to her and she was writing to vent for the happening that occurred. I cannot say, so perhaps I am just being judgemental, and for that I apologize.

It is hard, no very difficult at times, to be honest and above board with ourselvess, but in doing so, many truths and realizations can come out. I told him that I had a saying, made up a while ago, that “I was what I was, am what I am and will be what I will be”. I have since found out that is not always the case because of events happening in my life that are an influence.  I can change myself now and what I turn into may be a result of that change.  Nuff for now!!!


Den Betts






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