Right – Wrong 2016-43

Listening to TV, or reading about the constant horrors of man with the daily turmoil of humans doing horrible things to humans is sickening at times. Asking WHY? does not help, for the answer will not be soon in coming. What is the answer or is there only one answer for peace to arrive for mankind?


Right – Wrong 2016-43


Who is wrong in this world  –  who is right?


Is it the Jew, the Gentile, the Black or White


Could it be the Muslim, the Hindu or maybe Shitte,


The Redman, the Yellow or it, the one with might?


We all have our differences, but do we have to fight,


With the energy spent to argue it’s all gone for spite.


Isn’t there someone with wisdom like a guiding light,


To lead us to peace from the morn to the night?


Or are we afraid that He may come — wouldn’t that be a sight?


With the predictions of 1000 years of peace without fight.


Would we miss the forever horrors of daily blight


But in reality —-that would be a delight……………


In the meantime, we go on with our lives and


Continue to do what we do – Nothing



Den Betts