Hope 2018-90

Well, after many occasions of despair by those of this Earth, doing things to one

another, abusing others beyond thinking, it is still good to HOPE, that the world

will or can be one of betterment.

Hope?    2018-90

Is there hope – that the world will wake up

To a common goal of the survival of mankind?

That future generations will be able to breath,

To eat, to drink of nature’s plentiful bounty?


Is there hope- that the inhabitants of the world

Will learn to live in peace with one another?

Co-existing with mutual respect of each other

Realizing each has rights to separate individuality?


Is there hope- that the hunger, the health, the overall

Needs of those of the world will be acknowledged?

To have action instead of promises, to have results

Instead of delays, to give hope instead of despair?

Den Betts

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