Heinous Disease 2015-05

This poem is about Alzheimer’s disease or (AD), and was composed in remembrance of my business partner’s wife, Mary, and in memory of my father who came down with this disease. I have found that this disease has more than one victim, the one with the disease and the caregivers that deal with it also. It is indeed a heinous disease, like many others.

Heinous Disease   2015-05 

A heinous disease that slowly arrives,

One you can’t see, but know is there

That brings tears to your eyes.

How cruel, how cruel, when the mind

Starts to go, when others can see

You are not quite in the know.

When you stare into space with a

Far off look, a remembering of the past.

The shock of horror on your face,

Not knowing who, what or the current place.

The unnatural acts done with no malice,

Not knowing why, just done; how cruel.

Those taking care of you, trying to understand,

Loving, but thinking – why, why, OH why?!

The mind, such a fragile thing – subject to hurt, to

This disease, to the whims of nature so.



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