Lost in Space 2018-17

When the mind is affected, and the thought processes are involved, we comprehend things in a different way than normal.  That is to be expected, but to experience it is somewhat of a different thing.  Actually, it is interesting to go through this, because, in some ways I was changed, I was different, and with this change I have a perspective in life that is, to me, unique and mine to own.

Lost in Space 2018-17

I look, but do not see

Try to listen, but do not hear

To speak, but cannot talk


I am alone with my senses

My mind overflowing

With random thoughts


The world spins so fast

Leaving me in a

Whirlwind of wonder


How does one follow

Is so common place.

We are, because we are……


Den Betts   bettsden@gmail.com


One thought on “Lost in Space 2018-17

  1. after this week, I am totally discombobulated!! everything went well, no upsets, but my body has had it!! I am having trouble clearing my head of cloudiness, for lack of a better word, have had a nap, still tired. But by tomorrow God will have renewed me, I am sure, and all will be well. So I will see you in the morning.

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