Lonely Heart 2018-33

This MIGHT be about someone with a mind-altering problem having thoughts. I looked at my father who had Alzheimer’s and this might have come to mind then. OR, it could have been me long ago, suffering from a TBI and knowing that something was wrong, but not understanding what, at the time.  The mind is unique and sometimes not easy to fathom..

Lonely Heart  2018-33

The lonely heart beats;  outside,

A songbird sings his song, nearby

The quarter hour chime of an old

Grandfather clock sounds loudly.

A sigh, a sob, as tears roll down

Cheeks in salty twin rivulets.

Perhaps a reason for emotion shown,

But only quiet sadness expressed.

Filtered light through paned

Glass reaching, touching,

A dusty smell lingers, competing

With a favorite pet odor.

Hands silently twist a lace kerchief,

Into a single strand,

Trying to relieve the tension

Held deep inside the bosom.

An overstuffed chair squeaks,

With well-worn discord, while,

Nearby a purring sound quietly

Lends its rhythmic cadence.

A word suddenly escapes, “Why?”

No answer expected, only asked, as

The lonely heart tries to keep pace,

With the tick tock, tick tock……

Den Betts         bettsden@gmail.com


Why? 2015-118

So easy to ask Why at times. We go through life not knowing the answers to the Why’s, but we still ask the question. Maybe when we stop asking    why, we will become so ingrained to those things that we will then, not care anymore. When that does happen, what have WE become ourselves?

Why?   2015-118

A little boy asks to his father “Why?”

He wants a reason for so many questions


No one really has an answer to the entire Why’s”

For the many happenings of the world today


The wars, the diseases, the fighting and such

Make you wonder what is or what will be


The horrors of the real world daily

Rival those of the works of fiction


There are not good reasons for many “Why’s”

Only answers that truly make no sense.


The little boy may not expect an answer,

But his question does raise the bar of thinking.


Too bad we don’t have the magic response

That would explain it to US at the same time

Den Betts

Huh???? 2015-38

                   Huh????     2015-38

When does YES become MAYBE and NO become PERHAPS?

Does SORTOF turn into SOMEWHAT when you least expect it

Why does SURE morph into a definite NEGATIVE answer?

Yet allow the I THINK take over the conversation!

Will EXACTLY be mistaken for a SO-SO type acclamation?

And allow Question words to rule the atmosphere,

Saying  Who, What, When, Where and Why????

CONTROL is in the mind with PERCEPTION

Knowing what is THOUGHT and what is MEANT!

This SOMEHOW  may make certain readers understand

But in most cases the thought is Huh!!???!!

Den Betts