Conquest of Earth 2015-14

How scary to think of aliens coming down to earth and taking over.  I think of any “being” conquering earth and its inhabitants is beyond imagination and belongs in a movie. Movies like “War of the Worlds” from H.G.Wells or “Independence Day” of not so long ago. So, sometimes I am not so truthful, as you will see………

Conquest of Earth      2015-14

The airwaves crackled with dire warnings

While the Earthlings scattered to and fro

“It” descended down from the heavens

Looking, aiming for a point on Earth

It was the first, with many to follow,

And, it was proud to be the very first

They would envelop the land below them,

Letting nothing escape their grasp

It hovered in an airpocket, then went down,

Looking, aiming for a place to claim

Ah, ahead, and Earthboy, five or six,

Standing innocently, looking up

Does he know, was he told, forewarned,

Of the conquest to occur this day

A spiral, then an uprise for just a moment,

To align its sights and head below

Now, Yes, NOW, make the move

While the childs eyes are elsewhere

With points read to impale, to entangle,

To snarl and to catch and hold

“Follow me!” it said, to the millions of others,

As the first snowflake landed on the woolen cap

Den Betts

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