Ortz Bug 2015-74

In my feeble mind lurk things that I am glad stay there, at times,  and not present their selves in reality!  Why such a creature like an Ortz Bug would inhabit my mind and come to the forefront is beyond me. It came out and, once seen (?) it is now a part of my vocabulary and without any hesitancy, here it is———–



Ortz Bug       2015-74


The tiny Ortz bug is a thing of beauty,


It runs, it flies, it swims, – its pretty.


It’s colored red, yellow, and green too,


It even has a head that’s light, light blue!


Its 23 feet make it go as fast as it can go,


But in a race, it won’t beat a centipede tho.


Its huge big wings are meant for flying,


But, a jet plane its not – no lying!


It even has paddles, for pushing in the water,


But, if you expect fast, don’t bother


So as you can see, it is a weird, weird bug,


I ought to know, there’s one in my jug..



Den Betts

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