Ode to a Toe 2014-28

This is a silly poem, about a toe!!!!! Years ago, I sat on my couch in my bare feet and was trying to wiggle the big toe of my left foot. Before my auto accident, I could make my left big toe “click” by manipulating it, sort of, like “cracking” a knuckle. After my accident the nerve connections from my brain to the toe sort of got jumbled up and I found it impossible (and still do) to do what I could do before., So, as I said, I am sitting there and this silly poem came to mind, and I wrote it down., right then and there. Sort of weird, but true.

Ode to a Toe    2014-28

You count all of them,

And find that there are five

“It” is huge as can be,

Compared to the other four

A monster it is, right beside,

Its neighbor and also the other three

What it does as it wiggles around,

Makes you wonder a thing or two

Of the reason for its existence,

Since it’s the biggest one

But, ask anyone and they will know

Because?!, its just “Zee BIG FAT TOE!”


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