Wind Spirit 2019-014

When something happens, at times we might just accept and not question. So many things have occurred in my life, that make me think, wow!!!! Not to give thought, but just to know, we are NOT alone, His Presence is always there.


Wind Spirit     2019-014


A spirit in the wind

caresses my cheek softly,

Then whispers in my ear

Shivers travel up my spine

Then down my arms: I close up.


My eyes travel up – then over,

narrowing, trying to ascertain

the feeling, wanting reality.

Primeval fears escape once more,

the unknown factors of life have

arrived; I quake then swallow


What is this: something there

near me, surrounding me, touching?

My mind rebels, nothing!  Imagination

rules, I am convinced – I think!


What unknown forces, unseen ones,

past life personifications are there

incarnating the aura of my being?

Gone.  My mind playing tricks on itself

I agree; figments of self-fears coming

to the forefront – foolishness felt.


A look in the mirror to refresh, mouth

open as I stare at the form of a kiss on

cheek, made with dust, borne by the wind.



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Creature Walks 2015-139

How many of us have become afraid of the dark, the unknown, or the unexpected that awaits us as we travel in life or just live where we do? Do we imagine the creatures that ARE out there, waiting, stalking, and preying on those that are not aware of their existence? I wrote this with those thoughts in mind and offer this to contemplate……..

Creature Walks 2015-139

The creature shuffled stealthily along,

Dragging its left foot behind him.

His cloths were torn, ragged and dirty,

With a musty smell lingering in his wake.

The flopping shoes were moldy, oozing with mud,

Slime clinging from a field far behind.

Ah, a light up ahead, beckoning him onward,

Like a moth towards a foretold fate.

Stumbling past a nearby darkened car window,

A heinous, disfigured face returned his gaze.

A smile deep inside swept over him finally,

As he stalked the promise of reward.

Closer to the source, his heartbeat quickened;

Ahead was a porch light, showing his prey.

Standing alone by the door outside.

A young woman, back turned, not aware.

Silently, so quiet, he approached, so near.

Slowly now, no noise, he made.

Suddenly, she turned around and screeched,

A frozen look upon her face, with fear.

As little Tommy dressed up so great, yelled,

“Trick or treat, Mrs. Bier”.

Den Betts

The Unknowns in Life 2015-101

How many times have I cursed having to do something for the first time and suffered the effects of fright about doing it. I remember public speaking in high school and having diarrhea, the night before, almost throwing up, and other physical effects of having to stand up and speak in English class. I found out in the Marines that, if you know your subject matter, it is not so hard. I had to give lectures to over 200 men and only had one problem, I gave a joke at the beginning once, and had to tell them, after having told the punch line, that it was over. Never did tell jokes again. Learn from doing!!!!!

The Unknowns in Life   2015-101

How scary, and frightening it can be

This feeling of terror for the unknown.

We feel so brave when we do things twice

But, turn to jelly, when the first is to occur.


Our minds create untold disasters, when we are to begin

The lurking shadows magnify as we continue forth.

What is it with the way we think and act and do,

That makes the unknown so terrible to a few?


The irony is, that it’s all in our mind,

Which can create the most bizarre scenes.

Never, usually, does reality unfold as thought,

But, try to tell that to the person thinking.


How does the mind, do what it does to us,

Constructing the images, and thoughts that it does

What does it take to break the thought strings

That form cobwebs of unexplained origins


Is the unknown just a mysterious part of thinking,

Or something else, that defies description



Den Betts

Mystery Unknown and Known 2015-97

This is somewhat of a challenge for you, the reader! It made sense to me when I wrote it and somewhat does today. I will NOT try to explain it, but let you, the reader contemplate just what it means. 

Mystery Unknown and Known     2015-97

The challenge is not in knowing the common element of being

Whereas, the understanding of the mysteries of life is a greater quest to know

To delve into the unknown questions, given to us, and realize the answers is an ultimate trip of life

Not being afraid to question those unanswered thoughts and subjecting them to a detailed thinking process is a goal worth obtaining.


Not being afraid of the ultimate and final solution is an undertaking of complete confidence

By touching on the unknown abyss of thinking, and arriving at the final solution.

This gives the seeker an untold advantage in life’s guidance of living the whole as one, when the

Complete satisfaction is arrived at with a complete filling of accomplishment.


The melodic sounds resonate, filling the open void with exquisite timbre. A safe feeling acquired from the sound, pulsates with a living and quivering throb of being.

Looking down, the uniqueness observed what was, is and will be.

Seeking action, it morphed into a substance enveloping all.


Those below, tingled with the essence of creation and

Acknowledged understanding because of a single thought of knowing

The mystery was no longer unknown.

BUT, instead, a shared and loved emotion resounds and

Finalization is apparent and welcome

As the true being became as one, with all.

Den Betts