Bosh the Bobbin 2015-31

Let me be honest with you.  I do NOT know when I wrote this poem or why at the time. I do NOT know what it means now! I MAY have known right after writing it, but that was probably long ago. So, I challenge any that dare to consider what I might have been getting at then, what in the world was I thinking, and does it make sense to you? If you do know, perhaps there is a problem with you too – LOL!

Bosh the bobbin? What in the world does that mean? What possessed me to write such a thing? Was I high or was I low, so low perhaps I know not know? Tis for you to think of what I meant, because I cannot, for I am spent! My cousin commented and said I was sometimes weird, and so I am proving what he actually sent.       1-26-2015

Bosh the Bobbin   2015-31

Bosh the bobbin

High in the air

Hair of the pelt

To nowhere, nowhere

Nigh on Noon,

The cry of the loon

Be gone by night

To exit the light

Say farewell to an

Expressionist dream

Carry forward the

Exorbitant team

So whether the Bobbin

The loon or the dream

In the end it’s all

That it will mean

Den Betts   = Weird??

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