Empathy 2019-001

Empathy        2019-001

Not enough of us have enough empathy for others. We can say we do, but in closer inspection, our nature is not in having enough. We live in a world of “ME” at times. What do I get, want, desire, without any feeling about anyone else, other than ourselves?

Our aches, and pains, our job situation, our pleasures and nothing about the other guy prevails, and what he desires or NEEDS. This is NOT unusual, quite common, and defiantly not an exceptional trait life choice of acting.
How do I allow myself, yourself or ourselves to get into this mode of thinking of Self and not of others? You say you have never thought this, or do not do so, ever???? I doubt it. It is a human condition of life to think of ourselves before we do so toward others.

Or first goal upon awakening is to do something for ourselves, and that is normal…. But where do we take some time to have feelings for others and not ourselves? Many organizations try to tug at our heartstrings and play upon our sympathy for those issues they are promoting. They want a donation to go to them to hopefully address the needs that they show us. That’s nice, but not what I am referring to now. For I have listed below those that I feel could use our empathy, sympathy and money.

Migrants, the Sudan starving people, Human trafficked people, sex slaves, homeless, returning vets, coal miners that are unemployed, factory people replaced by robots, prejudiced people of all sorts, and the multitude living in hunger daily. This is just part of a list, actually.

So, what to do? Some of these above issues can be helped with money, but many if not all sometimes requires action of some party with power to do something; such as our leaders. If we do nothing as individuals, we are nothing ourselves. We do not deserve to be recognized as caring people for others.

We cannot get on the band wagon and toot our horns for all people needing empathy. We can get involved in some way in certain areas that we may have a strong presence, AND DO SOMETHING!
Just a thought for the beginning of 2019.

Den Betts
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Without a Home 2016- 58

I came up with this after watching a story on TV about a former homeless man that struggles to hand out clothing, food and bedding to the homeless ones living where he used to exist. He somehow got a job, had a place to live and now was paying back to the many that he knew when he was on the skids. People like him are one of the many heroes that are out there that do things without any wants of recognition.

Without a Home 2016- 58

Not really wanted by a society of today.

Not cared for – in any respectful or loving way

Forgotten at times, by kin of yesteryear,

Out of touch with all that held them close and near.


Dirty, hungry, cold and such,

Not asking for very much.

But, helped by those, that help those

that need it here and now,


Never enough to go around

but always looking for how.

An unseen populace that’s really

there in many of the street


Ignored by the upper class

so proper, clean and neat.

They hope someone will do something

very good and sweet,


To keep these unsightly ones

away from their eyes and feet.

The homeless, a fact of life,

not creatures to forget.


People, humans, ones once loved,

now part of the nation’s debt



Den Betts