What is Real 2016-53

I wish I knew where I come up with some of the things I write, and this is ONE of them. I DO understand what I have written, but sometimes believe others wonder where MY mind was when I did write it. Anyhow, random thoughts on a quiet summer day with just my mind going on with a tangent of thinking….

What is Real 2016-53

What is real in ones tormented mind,

Trying to find the truth in its existence


How can one separate the thoughts, troubled

As believed, from those perceived


A spongy mass of insensitive matter,

Capable of holding so many feelings


Vying for attention in everyday life

Coming to mind in an unorthodox manner


Does it twist to suit its fancy

A devious thing beyond belief


Can it, in fact, fool its owner

In believing in things that are not


Or is it instead an unopened door,

With the unknown lurking behind


Waiting to spring on its hapless host,

The reality of life as it is.


I feel like a freaking hypocrite at times; most times

Not being the real “who” to others


Bout time the real me stands up to be counted

And let others know just who I really am


Den Betts


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