Reflections on Blame 2016-56

Sometimes I think “THEY” should do something, whereas, when I think about it, they don’t care, and it comes down to my then saying “Why don’t I do something about it.” I think I should STOP blaming THEM and start criticizing myself.


Reflections on Blame 2016-56


Who is to blame for some of the woes of the land?

The reason for strife and sadness out of hand.

Perhaps the ones that should share in the cause,

Have but to look at a mirrors reflection and pause.


An ironworker who fought for the many “rights”

Many so bad, he now sits at home, day and night,

The nonvoter who, so many times, also sits at home

While the politician ignores them, as they moan.


The power of the foreign countries that you see,

Who sold us their products with glee, to thee.

The supply of the evil drugs by those who sell,

Are only given by the demand of those in private hell.


The newspaper reader who only shakes his head,

But does nothing to cause a change instead

A power person who could make a change for the better

Does nothing as it were, because it’s easier.


Many people that are, in fact, reasons for the woes,

So individual as one, but collectively it shows

Perhaps again, when you look in that mirror,

Say, “They is me, and me is the key”



Den Betts

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