Manhood 2016-57

A news story on the TV about an incident spurred me on to write this about the happening which occurred. A gang member was proving his manhood to his peers and in the process became a statistic of being. No longer a free man, but a common convicted criminal waiting for a possible date with an executioner. Senseless, yes, but so common now it seems. Sad? Definitely!


Manhood 2016-57


An ancient man stalked a lion

in the Serengeti, proving

what is a fact

Another man, further north,

thrust a lance in a

hairy mammoth

To the west a slight lad

put down a cloaked

bison in an ageless ritual


Much, very much later, a drive-by

shooting proclaims the loss

of innocence

Elsewhere a father proclaims

his macho capabilities

but denies the obligation

While further still another

commits an act of violence

on a dare


Old verses new in the trial to


With the older based on

superstition and ignorance

The newer steeped in

cowardice and stupidity.


Den Betts