Rage of a Man 2016-55

This is about a real life event shown on TV about a man convicted of killing of his family after a too long period of time of abuse. The story came out as a member of the wife’s immediate family told of the man’s terrible actions during the lifetime of the woman he killed. He tried to use the insane plea, but it did not work and he was put away for the rest of his life. Not enough…..


Rage of a Man 2016-55


Amongst the stillness, a whimpering sound,

Over in the corner a child lay, almost still

Huddled with legs drawn up to chin

Sobbing, a bruised body racked with pain

Tear streaked eyes, mucous flowing from nose

No attempt to dry or wipe away

Livid red welts on buttocks and back

Testimonial to a savage, unexpected beating

A man, his father now gone away for a while

That earlier before strolled together through the zoo

One drop, then two, some more blood, finally stopped

A wound from the buckle on belt so wide and hard

Seven years old and not knowing why

His love still there, somehow, – but why?

A fit of rage, a scream of hate, the belt,

For dropping a cookie on the floor?

His mother, standing by powerless to act,

Flinching as each slash came down on her son

This man, her husband, the same one married with love

So long ago, a different time, less strife

No excuses, for actions so horrible to all

No reason, no justification for this trial; why?

Only sorrow, sadness and despair for now

As she stares in the telltale mirror

Looking at a face grown old by each passing day

A returned image of blackened eyes and cut lips

WHY – the most unanswered question at times

By those that so much need and deserve one


Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Rage of a Man 2016-55

  1. the horror of such stories is that others saw what was happening and did nothing, not even calling someone to investigate——and the response so often is I didn’t know who to call! Seems like there are so many crisis phone numbers, the police, a minister, someone!


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