State of Mind 2018-46

A unique experience that occurred in the past, but I have not had it lately, which is OK, but somewhat missed. Any other person, might be more than scared, or instead, frightened out of their mind; not me. I COULD go on and explain more, but will keep this understanding to myself, which is only right…….

State of Mind 2018-46

I jumped through the window in my mind,

Into the void of darkness beyond.

Pinpoints of starry far off lights,

Surrounded me on all sides.

I was through, I was there,

Scared, but not turning back.

My body and mind floating in free space,

No veil, no hindrance of feelings

A phenomenon as before, visited once again,

A difference, of total absolute awareness.

An intensity born from desire to know,

Culminating in final release and reality.

Now looking back, not knowing for sure,

The reasons of this wonderful sight.

Knowing that again, I will revisit

To feel the power of the feeling.

I am blessed, I am, what I am, and in the knowing,

I realize that what I am is exactly that.

I am a child of God, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

And, I have seen the light!!!!

Den Betts

Dream Sequence 2015-149

I have been blessed with something that is not hard to say, but prudent to not do so today. What was then remains as is, and that is good. To some, I now speak in riddles and am not being so factual, but that is the way I feel I must. I am open with some things I state, guarded with most, but feel I am still truthful to self, without a fault……. With luck, perhaps nobody will read this—LOL……..


Dream Sequence 2015-149

I thought I had stood by a shoreline

Staring over still water toward the horizon

A white bird flew by, shrill voice screaming

Does not the gull see all, I thought, as it went on?


The sand was warm from the distant sun

Life’s peace broken only by the gentle waves

A soft caress of wind on skin

Not clothed by garments made by man.


Tranquility abided in my heart

I prayed that it remain so and did not part

Was I dreaming – had non-reality come and won

And all that seen was just imagination?


I saw a vision one time that was SO real

Then another, that was not scary, but surreal

Was I dreaming then, much like the seashore

Or was that reality, like life, a fact of being?


Den Betts