Miracle 2015-140

A friend of mine told me that what happened was a miracle. I listened, wondered and contemplated what he said and, I guess, accepted his statement. I DO think that a miracle would be believed better, if it was seen by many and not just a few or just one. Well, maybe not believed, but at least acknowledged as something different that has happened and can be talked about at length. Oh well, God is involved and I do not want to get in a conflict of thought with Him…………..

Miracle 2015-140

When does an experience become a miracle?

Does it happen to one or very many

Why does it occur if it does?

And why does it not when it could

What is taught by the occasion?

Or is the occasion lost in time

Who is the benefactor of being?

When the being is an abstract thought

Is miracle too complex of a subject

OR can the subject be a complex miracle

Questions of life that pursue me

As I contemplate what was then and now.

So simple to just think of it

Without knowing the answer

But always believing what is known

IS what it was and is.

A miracle IS what it is, as it is, and because it is

A Miracle!!!!!!!!!


Den Betts