Dawn’s Awakening 2015-148

What does it take to be brutally honest and forthwith? When does one hold back, or the opposite — thrown out for all to see? Where does one go to escape the truth and be just glad to be alive? Why does one have to not be oneself and pretend to be that which others want us to be? Who is the decider of things for each of us to be – just be? The existence of a sunrise or the stillness of a rainbow – all to be appreciated to the fullest!!!!!!!  Random thoughts from a random mind – going through time.


Dawn’s Awakening 2015-148

A bane from a not so

distant past creates thoughts

lasting ever more,

The neuro people delving in

current mind; exploring

those things hard to find.

An innocence

at dawns awakening,

gives birth to thoughts untold.

Release, release of

inhibition now,

with escape of disquietude.

May the truth be told and

be so bold, of telling of

inner feeling.

Recesses explored with those truths

bared forth and desires

kept in; now sharing.

Den Betts