Black and Whites 2015-142

There is so much in the news about the horrors of life with those of color and the actions that affect those living today. What was, in the past is somewhat still here today and the problems with races that do not understand each other. Take away the color element and they/we are the same — period.

There is no differences of the soul, the mind, or the body itself, we are all humans; existing in a world of turmoil that is self-taught and continued by each of us, toward each of us. I would think that other races can be included herein, but am sticking with what I got…….

Black and White   2015-142

Black and White opposites

Extremes in color

Not red, not yellow

Not in between

A degree of bright

And one of darkness

Two cultures with differences

Both with pride

Not knowing the other

Nor trusting either

So far apart

Opposites – each/some uncaring

Both so wrong

Or not knowing

Color is a covering

Not the Soul…….


Den Betts

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