Abortion Decisions 2015-145

I am NOT an anti-abortion advocate making a case here. I am simply stating some thoughts about the action. That being said, I do not believe on having abortions just for birth control. I heard about a younger adult having them over and over because that person is not thinking or not very careful with their lifestyles and that is not a reason for having them. Also, to deny a woman for making a decision is not mine to make and should not be a law of the land for all.


Abortion Decisions 2015-145     


A life that never had a chance for reasons that

are many; some sad, others necessary


Decided as a normal course

or action based on thought


Never one made by the one

so deep in a mother’s womb


Done as a method of birth control

medical necessity, or such


A woman’s right to decide a

fate of another human to be


Does a government’s have a right to

forbid this act at times


Yet, allow many executions

to occur – just a thought…


Is it wrong to decide this fate

of life of a being, or


Instead have us lob criticism

And be judgmental in or about life


Is it correct to say God is the final judge

in this, a decision of death.


This can be a complex issue, if

we allow it to be……….



Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Abortion Decisions 2015-145

  1. I agree that abortion as a means of birth control is ridiculous——but to deny anyone an abortion in a legitimate location can mean the death of the “mother” as well. Having witnessed one person birth a child given for adoption, while a parent (of the person giving birth) raged, and watching this same person when her child thought she was pregnant, I feel it is a tragedy no matter which way it goes. I also know of one person who got pregnant over and over and the government subsidies were her reasoning—–not wanting to be a parent or raise them, just in it for the money. Strange world we live in!!

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    • Too easy to do at times, too easy to criticize, too easy to judge, too easy for so many things regarding this subject—- again, a complex subject!!!!! Thanks for the comment, I can COUNT on you- LOL


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