Black Man-Child 2015-147

I doubt if some will like this one. I think of those that like to be politically correct and not mention things that sometimes, need mentioned.  I have seen the newscasts of the celebrations of Martin Luther King and have thoughts about the man and the actions that still occur on a regular basis. When WILL a person stand up and take the place of Mr. King and help lead those that need led. There HAVE been many changes made, but there is much more to be done……..

Black Man-Child 2015-147

The eyes darting up the street,

Shifting to this and that.

Looking at all and at nothing,

Not trusting movement seen.

His feet tied to nervous legs,

Pressure one to another.

Letting anyone know with doubt,

Of how he feels the moment.

False bravado of being a member,

Of a gang in the neighborhood.

So young to be so old in living,

With a dead end future life.

The black man-child thereby stood,

Without knowing exactly why, waiting.

Martin Luther dreamed, but died,

And did, somehow, the hope went with him?

No one really followed and took up the reins,

To lead the others to his wish.

Was it meant to be – his death,

As a test of those left behind?

Maybe an unselfish man is out there,

Common, black, with a spark of faith.

Biding his time to speak aloud,

And lead his own to a better life.

When or will it happen – only God knows,

While the black man-child stands waiting.


Den Betts


I am positive that some will object to what I have written and I do not want to speculate as to who or what group would do so. There are always two or more sides to a position and I realize this fact. We as a society, have to do more to realize the differences and causes to the violence that occurs daily. It is time!!!!! Martin Luther King was a great man and it was terrible that he died, the way he did, before his dream became a


2 thoughts on “Black Man-Child 2015-147

  1. it is sad that the only black person to come forward has been one not able to deal with the youth, or to look like them, or talk on their level. somewhere there is this person, must be, or we are to continue this mess we are in today. we have our own terrorism.


    • There WILL be a day where that person will come to the surface and address what Dr King started. We are divided here and elsewhere in the world from each other, in many ways. This division only helps to continue what you called a “mess”.


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