Message Jul- 2014-41

 Message Jul- 2014-41

I am sitting here thinking about the past week or so with fireworks banging in the distance. The fourth has been over for a week but people are still shooting them off around where I live. That got me thinking about why we celebrate July 4th.  Freedom is not free and I remember the speeches on TV, the boomers going off, and the rows of tombstones that have been shown.

Eventually the 4th of July was over and life goes on and we somewhat forget the pageantry of the moment when we got misty eyed at the flag waving, the thought of what price was paid for our freedom, and we  put those thoughts out of our minds to a degree. It is the same for Christmas and Easter. Businesses started to promote Christmas so, so earlier each year and finally in December we hear the carols played on the radio and on TV to remind us that we only have so many days till Christmas and we should buy, buy and buy before that date. THEN, the day after Christmas, it is gone and life continues. Oh yes, we do celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ then too.

Easter is the same way. We have “Lent”  to remind us before Easter that the day is coming where we have the most Holy Day of all to remember our Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for us so many years ago. Then, Monday it is over and life goes on.

I remember my childhood where Christmas meant presents and putting a tree up for some reason and Easter meant chocolates and those marshmallow baby chicks to eat. Other than that, those two days had no special meaning for me at the time. It is somewhat sad to think about that now.

Over the years these two religious days have become “ones of meaning” to me though.  Much has happened to me that make my thoughts very different than before. I do not want to go into detail as to how, right now, but things like July 4th, Christmas and Easter create in me a better perspective in life, than what I had in the past. I have changed and do and think many different things now, I guess. Allow me to give you one example.

Bless the children!  I had one ask me a few weeks ago, “Mr. Betts, why do you wear that cross all the time?” I could have mumbled something, but I was not busy and took the time to answer him. I told him that I, for the ease of answering, HAD to wear it, but did not go into detail as to why.  Anyhow, the cross I wear is for me and means something to me, and not for show to others. It reminds me that Jesus died on the cross and that my sins are forgiven by God, because of what Jesus did so long ago. It is also a reminder that I believe in God, Jesus and, like I said, what Jesus did for all of us.  It also reminds me that I am a disciple of Christ and is a constant reminder of that fact. It also helps me (hopefully) to keep from doing things or saying things that would not be good in the eyes of God.  It is close to me and available to touch and, I do not look at it as an ornament or piece of jewelry, which can be called that of course.

May the peace of the Lord be with you all.

Den Betts

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