Message Aug 2014-40

Message  Aug 2014-40

So much to do, so little time to do it!  That is what I am thinking right now as I go over all the things that need to be done before vacation next week.  This message is one of them and I sit here wondering what I will be putting down on paper for those to possibly contemplate on what I say.

I am looking forward to seeing God’s glory that will jump out at me while I travel around Portland, Oregon. I hear it is beautiful, but I think where I am at is also beautiful, so it will be tough to compare beauty.  I remember going through Arizona when we traveled the U. S. in 2004. I thought then, “Why would anyone want to live here” as I saw tumbleweeds blowing across the road that looked like railroad tracks going to somewhere from where I was at the time. Those that lived there, might have thought their place of living was also beautiful, don’t know.  It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or something like that, I guess. Maybe, they don’t or would not like Ohio with its weather.

It was not long ago that I either read or heard about looking for the glory of God in everyday life and to consider just what we see, hear, taste, touch or experience what God has given us in so many ways daily. I am guilty of passing by many things and taking them for granted as I live this life as a child of God. Why do I do this? I cannot say or tell the reason I do so, but know that many things are there to be enjoyed and experienced as we go through life.

It is all too easy to sit and complain about this and that during the course of a day or moment. How many times have I said something about something and became mad about it? Especially when I am trying to accomplish a chore and I am frustrated. How many times have I seen a wonderful sight, a touching look from a child, a great taste of a new culinary creation, or many other common, yet special happenings that I have during my life and not said anything? How many times have I given God credit for those flashes of life’s exquisite experiences?  Perhaps not enough!!  I am starting to take a moment to give thanks to God for them and encourage others to do so; God loves it when we do, I am sure…..

So, next week when I see the Pacific Ocean and walk in it in my bare feet, when I enjoy the sight of a place called Multnomah Falls and take in its 650 foot splendor, when I enjoy a glass of wine at an Oregon winery, or the other things I am ready to see, hear, taste, touch or experience, let me also look above and thank God for the time I spend, enjoying His creations!

Thanks be to God,


Den Betts

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