Paramecium 2014–42

The Paramecium  2014-42

A real life critter not made up in my mind!!!!  I can recall in the 7th grade at Cochran Jr. High School in Johnstown, Pa, the science teacher showing us what was in pond scum. We looked at it in a microscope and saw what was an amoeba is and a paramecium. To think that I may have drunk some water, while camping, and have those things in the water, swimming around for awhile in my stomach; ugh…….

The Paramecium

The Paramecium is a small creature indeed,

It flitters and skitters at a very small speed.

It has tiny so called legs, which go all around,

So many, in fact, that its not sure where its bound.

It moves this way and that way, in search of its food,

You would think that it was in a terrible mood.

It’s shaped like a shoe, or bean, more or less,

Why it looks like it does, is anyone’s guess.

It’s a good think its tiny and very hard to see,

Otherwise, if big, it would surely scare me..


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