Message Sept 2014-39

Message  Sept 2014-39

September already!  Seems like I said that regarding summer, about June or so, but the great news is the fact that time marches on (as someone stated).

I was reading something and words were thrown out at me and I started to think about what I read. That made me contemplate other things and I would like to share them with you. If the following gets to be too boring or complicated, let it go and move on with your life, OK?

There are three sets of words:  Power – Wisdom,   Perception  – Reality and  Truth-Lies

I forget what context these came from, but I remember wondering about them at the time.  By the way, this is NOT a test and you do not have to share your thoughts with anyone.

First, the Power and Wisdom!   I ask, “What would you rather have in life if given the opportunity to have them.  Would you like unlimited Power, or Wisdom, by knowing all?  The third option would be a word of your choosing in place of the two suggested groups. I would advise you be careful about what you wish for and the ramifications of having what you want. I think of the Old Testament and these words being used perhaps in various ways. I think of the TV commercial, with a guy who found a lamp, rubbed it and a genie popped out. The genie asked the man what he would want (because genie’s do that, I guess). So the man asked for a million bucks and the genie gave him his wish – a million male deer were in his house and outside; not exactly what the man wanted.

Perception and Reality!  Let me ask about these two words in relation to your belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, as an example. What is YOUR Perception of God and how does this equate with Reality in YOUR mind? This is not a trick question, just a thought to think about and give the answer to yourself, as again, this is not a test for others to judge.

Truth and Lies!  I think of Pontius Pilate and his question, “What is truth?” when talking with Jesus Christ during the crucifixion trial.  What is truth; perhaps only the absence of a lie, or something more?  I remember someone I respect saying to me, “When praying to God, it is best to be accurate and truthful when asking Him something or talking with Him about a subject you are concerned about at the time.”  If figures, that God already knows the Truth about what you are asking, so be true to yourself in the process. It can be scary to be truthful, even to yourself.

OK, I am done. This was not hard was it!? A little different, but I hope it made you think a bit about the words that I brought forth to you.

I would be willing to discuss the above with you if you ask me to do so. I have my own answers and will be willing to share them with you and explain my feelings about them.  We each have our own journeys in life and we live them the way we do, because we are.

Peace, Den Betts

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