Religion Category 2014-6

Religion Category -2014-6

This post category might be the most posted to, by me on this blog.   As I feel that I am on a Spiritual Journey, that I will expound on in the future, I have many articles that I have written and will be writing in the future.

Whatever your religion is, or at what stage of life you are in that religion, please take the opportunity to read what I have written.  Comment if you like, but hopefully you will get something out of what I state in this blog, regardless if you comment or not.

I do NOT claim to know what I am talking about in the blog, but instead look at what I write as “my opinions”.  Because of this, they are not absolutely correct, but only what I think. I am not a “know it all” but could say I think ,”I am a  know a lot”, based on my age and experiences.

I welcome you to read now and in the future what I write. I look forward to your comments, if you make any.

The Sub-categories for this category are not in any order. I did not title them in a certain way, but listed them as I felt like it. Many of the titles are, somewhat, self-explanatory in nature, so you will get the gist of the individual blog by its title.

Religion is such a large topic and much has, and is, been written about it. I have not tried to offend anybody’s religion, and if I made a statement that does so (in your mind) forgive me and let me know how you feel and what I said. I am not a fan of being “politically correct”, but do believe that decency should always rule. I have a habit of not calling something black or white, but instead see it as grey, which is not being completely honest at times.

As the President of the congregation at the church I belong, I should watch what I say at times when writing about religion. Well, that is what I should do, but sometimes I do not and I feel comfortable with being me, as I am.  I think one of my future (written) blogs addresses this subject, not sure right now.

Enjoy and let me know if you like or dislike anything written.


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