Proof of God 2014-7

Proof of God                                                      2012-7

I had someone; I will call Uncle Pete, ask me to prove that there was a God, or at least convince him that there was one. I was at the beginning of my Spiritual Formation a couple of year ago and tried to give this person objective thoughts that would help him see the light.  What light? The light of knowing, for the sake of any other light. I might have brought this up before, but it bears repeating perhaps.

We went back and forth via email and I found out something. You cannot have a decent dialogue via email. I would bring up 5 or 6 ideas or thoughts and Pete would select only one and comment on it, forgetting or ignoring the others.  It was very frustrating to say the least.

So, being somewhat of an amateur then on everything from Scripture to basic knowledge of religious things, it did not work out. I decided to let it remain in the hands of God and have Him somehow get to Pete. Although, I have the idea that if God or Jesus Christ knocked on his front door, he would tell Him to go away or he would call the cops or worse, get his shotgun and take care of things himself.

How do you PROVE there is a God?

Guess what? I still do not know how to prove to someone that there is a God! I could relate my experiences to someone, but that is not proof to them. It is proof enough for me to the point that I do not just believe in God, I KNOW there is a God. Believing and knowing are two different things.

Years ago, when I related an experience that I now call “The Happening”, the person who I will call Johnny, stated that I was somewhat delusional and sort of suggested that my “mind” made it up.  There was no way he was going to believe me and admit that what I was saying to him was accurate and truthful. Sometime later he also espoused on his beliefs that there is no way a being called God could do  or have done the things others think He does. He might have being the one that stated that God cannot hear, talk or do things for individuals, because there are so many humans on Earth. He meant that there are too many people and only one God. I addressed this when I wrote “God’s Time”.

Barna Group

I have read statistics from the Barna Group, which is a survey company regarding many things, including religious ones. The numbers show that the rate of believers or at least churchless people in almost all areas is changing in a negative way. The problem (if you could call it that) is complex and I do not want to go into details in this discourse, but state that there are reasons for my Uncle Pete and friend Johnny to say what they said.

It would be great if God were to show His presence to people, like He did with me and make it easier for people to believe in Him. That would be too easy, perhaps. It would be too easy for each of us to have the thing that really stands out for God to see. That thing is the word “Faith”.  For most of us faith is what makes us believe. Faith is what makes us keep going and faith is what helps us understand that God is real and His presence is with us always. If you lack faith, a person has no belief, simple as that

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