Current Events Categories 2014-8

Current Events Category         2014-8

When I think of this category I think, “So many subjects and events to write about.” Plus, once I was to write about the event or happening, it could be very soon afterwards, that it is no longer a current event.

At times, many times, the Media rules the event, by showing it on TV or writing about it in the newspaper or a magazine. (There still are newspapers and magazines out there).

It almost seems like an event or occurrence is no longer happening, because the Media have gone onto another subject and the old one is forgotten.  I should say, forgotten by those not intimately involved. Tell the Ebola victims or loved ones of those stricken and have died in Africa from the disease or the people in Dufar, Oman if they are still living with the consequences of atrocities they have suffered!

So maybe this category should read something else, such as “current event as of this date posted” or something like that.

Regardless, I will write about and possibly post something that is in front of us, and give my opinion about it.  The problem with writing about any subject, once you put it on paper and publish it, it is no longer a private thought, but a public one.  It is hard to change what you write one written and then have to give an apology to everyone because new facts come out that change everything.

This should or could be an interesting blog site and category to watch. The main thing is to keep it honest and truthful in the writing.  I had to let someone I know that things that were being sent to me were incorrect and was told “I don’t check them, just forward them.”  He decided NOT to put me on his mass mailing list and took me off; I agreed, and we are comfortable with the arrangement.

The world is made up of all types of people that believe SO, SO, SO many ways of thinking and believing in something. I think it is neat and wonderful to know. I will believe something about a subject, until someone can show me that my thoughts are incorrect or need adjusting. I will adjust and I will change my way of thought about a subject.

I hope you are open to change and if not change, open to a different way of thinking about some things. If not, then, so be it. My goal is not to change anyone, but to give light on a subject that opens the opportunity to see an altered perspective about it.

Centrist Party

I said somewhere else, sometimes I believe not in the black or white way of thinking, but instead the grey area of thought.  It is not always the correct way, but is a different way.  I sometimes call myself a “Centrist” and as such Do Not have a political party affiliation. Taking a note from the Centrist Party (I thought I said Do Not).   Anyway, I copied a paragraph from them and list it below:

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