Accept Me 2015-48

This poem may go very well with the one “Bosh the Bobbin” that I have posted to give it a frame of mind. What we are, we are, and I am not afraid of that fact. People may have an idea or a preconception of what I am and how I am, but they may be wrong. I think I am multi-faceted and as such can be looked at in different ways.  Many put on a “face” depending on where they are and what they are doing. I think that is somewhat common. We have our face for work, play and family and the faces make up the personification of whom we are, and that is normal.  Or at least I think so! Anyhow, I also believe, most people do accept me the way I am, which I am gratified and happy about to realize………………..

Accept Me    2015-48

I accept me, the way I am, how I am,

My only request is that you do the same.

We are, as we are, how we are,

If you think contrary, tis a shame.

Don’t look at me the way you would like me to be

See me as I am, how I am; it’s only me.

Perhaps I would like to be different than what you see,

But sometimes people can’t change, do you agree?

It’s easy to fight it, or deny the bare facts,

But in doing so, it prolongs the comeback.

If we are, what we are, then we will be what we’ll be,

And acceptance of this idea, is the answer, the key.

Den Betts

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