I was going to title  a poem Milestone, to celebrate the writing of my 300th poem, but, instead, decided  to commemorate the anniversary of the wedding of my wife and I. Fifty years of living togethter IS a milestone and more fitting to mention at this junction in life. Like any marriage, there are ups and downs but we are happy for the positive aspects of our lives together. That March 6th was a snowy one and glad we are decent this year.

MILESTONE     2015-50

A goal reached

A pinnacle climbed

A moment to remember

For all time.


Recorded in history

Talked about for sure

Pride to be taken

As a thing that endured


Over 18,000  days of love for each other

A total 50 years of exciting times together

A milestone reached perhaps, BUT,

Time now for the succeeding laps.

Den Betts

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